Design + Art + Mind is an outgrowth of San Francisco State University’s 2018-19 Mental Health and Arts Initiative (MHA). The initiative was developed by the Health Humanities Affinity Group, representing faculty from across the university. MHA emerged in response to the mental health crisis affecting college students nationally and at SFSU. Recognizing the power of creative expression, we integrated different arts components in MHA. Details about the initiative can be found on this page.

In light of the collective trauma from the SARS-COV pandemic, we are taking a broader focus on mental health at SFSU. Widening our focus does not mean we are diminishing our efforts to support student mental health. We believe that to better support student mental health, it is critical to cultivate a campus environment that supports the mental and emotional health of all. As we move forward, we are also embracing inclusive design and design justice to increase opportunities for participation and also to ensure that community and fairness are embedded in our practices and values.

Please check out our Perspectives page to explore MHA and Speaking our Minds, as well as our newest initiatives including an online zine and podcast series.