Inclusive Sandbox

Inclusive Sandbox is a both a concept and series of practices for the SFSU community to come together with the goal of collaborating to improve conditions for those experiencing emotional and mental health issues. Inclusive Sandbox is informed by principles of inclusive design and design justice.

We have designed the Inclusive Sandbox to include several opportunities for engaging including:

  1. Co-designing a set of principles to guide an inclusive design and design justice approach to SFSU mental health.
  2. Provocations: explore prompts on how to support SFSU community members experiencing mental health and emotional issues. Provocations focus on barriers and exclusions individuals experience, how to improve campus and classroom designs, and expanding recognition and support for mental and emotional health.
  3. Prototyping kit: request a prototyping kit to design or create solutions to our provocations.
  4. Your Reflections: reflect and react to provocations with ideas/suggestions, artifacts, prototypes that intersect with our agreed upon principles.
  5. Join: join us during our Zoom dialogues to discuss provocations, principles, and to share with others your ideas.